Contact Form to Any API

Contact Form to Any API

Contact Form to Any API is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate contact forms on your website with almost any APIs. Here are some best features of Contact Form to Any API that provide a high level of customization.



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Includes all Basic Features.


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FEATURES Free Personal Agency
Send CF7 Leads to Remote API’s such as CRM and other API using POST/GET checkmark checkmark checkmark
Create unlimited connection with any API checkmark checkmark checkmark
Send data to multiple API checkmark checkmark checkmark
API Logs Management checkmark checkmark checkmark
Supports Simple & Fixed Format of JSON checkmark checkmark checkmark
Supports Multiple Files Upload(Compatible with Multiline files upload for contact form 7) checkmark checkmark
Specify the fields you'd prefer to transmit as integers checkmark checkmark
Option to Enable/Disable API Logs checkmark checkmark
Option to Enable/Disable Form Entries checkmark checkmark
Support Multi Level or Any Format of JSON checkmark checkmark
Save Contact Form 7 form submitted data to the database. checkmark checkmark
Export Contact Form 7 Data in CSV , EXCEL , PDF , Print checkmark checkmark
UTF-8 Support checkmark checkmark
Single Or Multiple delete cf7 entries checkmark checkmark
File input supported – Uploaded file will convert into BASE64 and send to API checkmark checkmark
Multisite Support checkmark checkmark
Multiple API Support checkmark checkmark
Priority Support checkmark checkmark
Websites 1 1 10

Supported CRM/API:

Works with 150+ API's And many more


Frequently Asked Question

Contact Form to Any API is a service that allows you to easily integrate contact forms of your WordPress website with external APIs. We have a free plugin available on

The detailed guide for connecting is given on our plugin page. You can also watch this video for easy integration –

Any platform. That’s the magic of this WordPress plugin. Using this plugin, you can connect your contact form 7 to any third party platform like Mailchimp, Zapier, Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, Odoo, etc. You can also connect to your custom CRMs or ERPs using APIs.

No limitation. You can connect any number of platforms and there is no limit on the number of API calls. The plugin is completely free.

Yes, Contact Form to Any API uses industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure the security of your data.

Yes, Contact Form to Any API provides a simple integration process that allows you to connect your existing contact form with your preferred API.

No hidden charges. The plugin is absolutely free to download and install. If you are happy with the plugin, leave us a 5 star review on our WordPress plugin profile.

None. The plugin only acts as an interface to connect your contact forms to your APIs helping to capture and sync data easily.

Try checking logs to identify the issue. Also check if the APIs are working fine in postman. In case you still require help, feel free to reach out at and we would help you out.

For plugin integration, we provide premium support for free to help connect your WordPress site forms with your APIs. However if you are looking for additional work on your WordPress site, feel free to reach out on and we will provide a free quote for your work.